ICT and creative industries

Adelaide has become a globally strategic and cost effective destination for ICT and creative industries.

Australia’s first Gig City

With access to internet speeds up to 10 gigabits per second, South Australia’s excellent technology infrastructure makes it a great choice for global service enterprises such as cyber security and software development.

Our geographic location enables work to be handed off across time zones – AKA we work while you sleep – giving your business 24 hours of productivity.

Digital media and design

Digital media agencies such as Rising Sun Pictures and KOJO are internationally recognised for their technical and creative capabilities, having worked on movies such as Harry Potter, the X-Men series and Game of Thrones.

Modeling and simulation

More than 80 firms with modeling and simulation capabilities operate in South Australia, including the national peak body Simulation Australia.

Defence is the largest customer base for these services, followed by resources and mining, and healthcare, with companies like Sydac leading the world in transportation simulation.

Digital health solutions

South Australia is a global healthcare innovator, with BioMed City – a newly developed precinct for thousands of scientists and students – in the heart of Adelaide.

With the Australian Government offering 45% cash back incentives for R&D projects, Adelaide’s BioMed City is an ideal location for companies looking to develop and test digital health solutions including new algorithms, cloud computing and new software models.

In South Australia, you’ll find:

  • access to talent with 2500 ICT students graduating every year
  • access to ultra-fast internet via the global Gig City Network
  • 45% cash back incentives for R&D in digital health
  • progressive policy to enable the testing of autonomous vehicles
  • the largest share of Australia’s in-country defence spend for the next 20 years
  • opportunities in cyber security security 9% of our national defence spend
  • tech giant NEC establishing their Global Security Intelligence Centre in Adelaide.
Gemma Kilby
Trade and Communications Manager
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