Health and medical devices

South Australia is known for its expertise in wound healing, reproductive health, plant genomics, and viticulture.

With decades of experience in automotive manufacturing and a solid supply chain South Australia is emerging as a technology hub for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, with high growth, innovative companies exporting to global markets.

Our products include ultra-lightweight medical x-ray units (the first carbon nanotube-powered x-ray system in the world), laser, ultrasound equipment, micromanipulation pipettes, genetically-engineered biologic medicines and more.

Our proximity to Asia and free trade agreements with Japan, Korea, Malaysia and China make South Australia an ideal location for expanding your export business into the Asian market.

In South Australia, you’ll find:

  • Adelaide’s A$3.6 billion BioMed City – one of the largest life science infrastructure clusters in the southern hemisphere
  • 45% cash back for R&D – including clinical trials, analytics and drug manufacturing
  • clinical trial ethics approval in an average of 6 weeks and compliancy with the US, Canadian, European and Japanese drug regulatory bodies
  • Flinders University’s Medical Device Research Institute – linking research and industry
  • Tonsley – a hi-tech manufacturing hub for startups, SMEs and global companies
  • TechinSA – an innovation precinct for service providers, manufacturers, R&D, prototyping of medical devices and environmental biotechnology
  • nutrition and nutraceutical opportunities – with local expertise in extraction, purification, production and packaging
  • digital healthcare opportunities – with 14 million anonymised digital records available for your company’s research
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Esther Roberts
Trade and Investment Director
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Trade and Investment Director
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