Are you export ready?

We can help you develop a strategy by ensuring you have considered the fundamentals elements.

If you are thinking of visiting the UK or Europe with the end goal of exporting here, we encourage you to get in touch with the office at least six weeks before you arrive.

Have a strategy

Developing an export strategy is an essential component of placing your product in an overseas market.

A strong export strategy will help you when dealing with bankers, financial advisors, government agencies and ensure you are growing within your capacity.

We can help with your export strategy, identify your competitive strengths and set clear goals for expanding your business.

Need an incentive? Having an export strategy makes you eligible to apply for up to $50,000 in export grants from the South Australian Government.

Find out how a market operates

Good market research includes information on import duties, regulations, distribution channels, market size and growth, competition, demographics and local production.

Our trade directors can advise you on the types of buyers you will meet, when to visit, how they negotiate, cultural factors in business dealings and a give you ‘feel’ for the market environment before you visit.

Pricing your product

Most contacts you meet will want to know your product price point, so it is essential you have your pricing determined before you approach an overseas market.

Distributor, wholesale and retail mark-ups are often different in each market. Remember to include questions about these mark-up costs when you are doing your initial market research.

Connecting with the right distributor

Do you want a more personal distributor with a smaller client base or a larger distributor with 100 products in distribution?

We can match-make your business with the right distributor in the UK and European market. Let’s talk.

Gemma Kilby
Trade and Communications Manager
+44 (0) 20 7520 9107