“We have all the wine,” as Bill likes to say.

We punch above our weight.

South Australia accounts for 80% of Australia’s premium wine production and 60% of Australia’s wine exports, produced from some of the oldest vines in the world.

Our major merchandise exports to the European market include alcoholic beverages (predominantly wine but also beer), coal, oil, seeds, ores and concentrates, lead and gold.

These strengths are growing with exports in research and development (R&D), information technology, products and services, health and medical devices.

South Australia’s proximity to and increasing familiarity with the Asia-Pacific market provides an opportunity for UK and EU exporters looking to take advantage of our location, lower operational costs and trade agreements with the region.

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Best wine in the world — FINE magazine 2015
Free trade
Our free trade agreements are your doorway to Asia
We invest more than the national average
Excellent freight logistics, developed over 100 years of manufacturing

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