James Mraz

Deputy Agent General
+44 (0) 207 520 9110

Describe your role in 5 words.

Passionate promoter of South Australia.

What do you love most about Adelaide, South Australia?

The premium food and wine combined with the Mediterranean climate and outdoor lifestyle. I like being able to visit sandy beaches 20min from the city, enjoy world renowned Barossa Valley Shiraz and indulge on delicious fresh regional produce all in one day.

South Australia project or announcement that most excites or intrigues you?

The State taking a global leadership role in a sustainable carbon neutral future. We have a strong history of being pioneers and have embraced this challenge and made it into a great opportunity.

My unknown talent I wish I could add to my CV?

  • Ability to cook al dente pasta every time.
  • Excellent eyebrow control.

What do you love about London and Europe?

How multicultural the cities are and the way they embrace entrepreneurialism and change. This combined with the rich history which has been celebrated and preserved for future generations to appreciate.

If you could buy and live in any building in London/ Europe, what would it be?

A pension in San Sebastian’s old town.

Best business advice – to give or have been given?

  • You are employed to provide an opinion.
  • Creating value for a business is a binary decision, you either add or destroy value.

Who would you like to invite to South Australia Club event – anyone in the world?

Stephen Fry, Jim Carrey or Christopher Hitchens

Favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

Read the weekend newspapers over a flat white in a bustling café.

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