The Daddy Long Legs

Following the successful opening of the d’Arenberg Cube in McLaren Vale, the winery continues to challenge convention with the redesign and launch of a new product, available exclusively for purchase at  their cellar door.

The fantastically named Daddy Long Legs Extra Rare is a fortified wine, wonderfully rich and concentrated, hand bottled, and released only in tiny quantities.

Fourth generation family member, Chester Osborn, assumed the position of Chief Winemaker at d’Arenberg in 1984, and set aside 15 barrels of very old, high quality fortified wine. These barrels were left to slowly mature, topped up when necessary, using only the same, carefully aged wine. With an average wine age of over fifty years, only two barrels remain, with fifty bottles available in the first release of this wine.

The solera of old wines that contribute to The Daddy Long Legs has been going since 1928. The original fruit was handled with the same gentle and traditional techniques still used in the winery today, foot treading and basket pressing. To ensure sweetness and alcohol mingle harmoniously, fermentation was stopped by adding grape spirit, creating a balanced wine of great concentration, to be pressed and aged in casks.

The barrel shed that houses these casks is inhabited by hundreds of Daddy Long Leg spiders, who have kept a watchful eye over this wine for decades.

Grenache dominant with Shiraz and Mataro, the wine exhibits a level of intensity and complexity that can only be achieved with time. Decadent, to say the least.

Beautifully presented in an octagonal box, the bottle resting upon eight legs, The Daddy Long Legs is available exclusively at d’Arenberg’s cellar door. The wine retails at $500 for a 100ml bottle.

d’Arenberg wine is widely available throughout the UK at a variety of retailers including Wine Direct. If you are looking to expand your business to the UK or Europe, get in touch with our office: and find out how we can help you.