That Daring ‘South’ Australian Girl

Were you lucky enough to catch Joanne Hartstone as Muriel Matters in That Daring Australian Girl during the Edinburgh Fringe or limited London shows? If so, we are sure you will agree that she was absolutely fantastic!

Written and performed by South Australia, Joanne, the play tells the true story of Muriel Matters: The South Australian actress and elocutionist who became a leading figure of the UK’s suffragette movement and foremost woman orator in Britain.

Matters’ background as a South Australian gave her the added token of enfranchisement. Australia was the second country in the world to grant the right for women to vote, with South Australia as frontrunner of other States in 1895. Muriel had already voted twice before journeying across the world and she extolled the South Australian virtues of equality and freedom during her time in the UK.

The script and Joanne’s acting does justice to Matters’ accomplished and trailblazing life. The emotional range was gripping, and costuming, set design and use of props and lighting was cleverly and seamlessly done.

South Australian Agent General Bill Muirhead AM was one to witness the London performance – “I’m so proud of Joanne Hartstone who has brought this great Adelaide woman’s story to life. Being the second place in the world to introduce the vote for women is something to be truly proud of, and should be looked to for inspiration in future changes and innovations for South Australia.”

“This is a magnificent show which features all the hallmarks of a five-star Fringe experience: a stunning, polished and dedicated performance.” ***** FringeGuru.

“This reclamation of a lost hero of progressive thought is a delightful primer for the roots of contemporary feminism, an inspiration from history.” **** The List.

“This show lived up to, and indeed exceeded all my expectations, and wholly deserved the standing ovation at the end – a rare occurrence at a Fringe show.” ***** Southside Advertiser.

The Office of the Agent General would like to congratulate Joanne on her success at the Edinburgh Fringe and in London. We look forward to seeing more of her work in the UK soon, touring with That Daring Australian Girl or another inevitably brilliant play. For more images from her London performance and other material please click here.

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