Taking control of your lizard brain

Getting the Lizard Brain under control is critical for improving your wellbeing, performance in the workplace and enjoyment in your personal time. That was a key take away from Adelaide-based Dr Gemma Munro, Co-founder & Chief Awakening Officer of Inkling. She has been in London for engagements over International Women’s Day and to work with her UK clients, and took time out of her schedule to meet with selected South Australia Club members.

What’s the Lizard Brain you ask? Inherited from millions of years of evolution, this aspect of the amygdala is responsible for looking out for threats in nature and to take cover. In the modern day of interpreting “danger” or conflict in the workplace, this can take the form of negative thinking.

Indeed, the workplace is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate with growing pressures on personal life.

“We are under increasing pressures in the workplace and find it ever more difficult to switch off from work in our personal life,” says Gemma.

“This is compounded by three, often conflicting trends in our workplace. There remains the old style of working inherited from a factory style of working – output based, conservative, competitive and hierarchical. In this context, we face an ever-increasing wave of communications and ways to find information in an attempt to get ahead of the curve. Thirdly, we are expected to deliver higher level of outputs, often with less resources available.”

Keeping negative thoughts from impacting your wellbeing and performance can be tackled in a number of ways, including defusion techniques to placate your negative lizard.

Based in Adelaide, Gemma and Co-founding Partner Sophie Hampel have had enormous success in creating inclusive workplaces in Australia and helping changing mindsets and are looking at growing their UK client-base, which already includes the NHS.

If this is something your business is interested in – it well should be – you can find out more here or contact Gemma on Twitter or LinkedIn.