Simplified visa for entrepreneurs going to South Australia

If you are an entrepreneur with an idea which you would like to develop in Australia, there is a new, simplified visa which is currently only available in South Australia.

For entrepreneurs seeking to set up via an Entrepreneurs Visa in other Australian States there is a mandatory funding outlay of a minimum $200,000. Under the South Australia specific visa this capital backing is waived. Instead, applicants’ proposals will be vetted by State or Federal Government entities. These entities are then able to partner with incubators and accelerators to offer the best environment for a successful project.

The South Australian Government has also committed $44m to convert the former Royal Adelaide Hospital into an Innovation and Commercialisation precinct. Named Lot 14, these buildings will bring together the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem, including start-ups working to develop new ideas or products, researchers and laboratories to test new concepts; incubators to provide start-ups with catalyst tools, mentoring programs and logistical support; and business advisers and investors including angel and venture capital firms to help take ideas to the global market.

There has never been a better time to consider setting up your business venture in Australia. South Australia has a highly skilled workforce, cutting edge research and development sectors with competitive labour costs and a superior lifestyle. We are geared up to give you a better return on your investment. In addition, entrepreneurs who are successful in establishing their business venture in Australia will become eligible to apply for permanent residence.

For further information on investing in South Australia click here. To discuss your eligibility for the entrepreneurial visa contact Trade and Investment Director, John Rees on