Returning to Adelaide?

Thinking about returning to Australia to continue where you left off…?

Well not unlike this meme, why not consider returning to Adelaide or indeed making the transition now that you have exhausted the magnificent city that is London.

As with most of your ideal jobs they don’t come up on, and frankly that can be a disheartening proposition as you reconsider broadening your search terms. The most effective method of finding the next role, is through leveraging your existing networks or building those bridges well before you do decide to take the £1,000 pound pom voyage back to Australia.

Adelaide’s classic juxtaposition remains the 2 degrees of separation. Unlike the east coast cities, you can get to the right person in 1 or 2 phone calls for an artisanal flat white.

To make this work for you, our office would like to help you or at least give you the opportunity to truly understand what Adelaide and South Australia has to offer. Our team will help bridge that disconnect for expatriates who’s first preference is to return to Adelaide but feel their only choice is to return to a “big city”.

There is no better time to settle in Adelaide with affordable, ‘fully detached’ housing, nation leading business confidence led by the Defence sector, rebounding commodities prices and expanding SME exports.  Adelaide is the home of the National Space Agency, the southern hemispheres newest hospital and has renowned tertiary education providers co-located on North Terrace amongst BioMed city and Lot 14 which will be one of the biggest innovation precincts in the world. This is set amongst a rich cultural boulevard including the Art Gallery, State Museum and the soon-to-be-opened National Gallery for Aboriginal Art and Cultures. That’s all before you get to beautiful beaches, outstanding nature parks, internationally renowned wine regions all a shorter journey than your standard commute to a London airport.

If you are thinking about returning or migrating to Adelaide please get in contact to see how we can connect you with the right people.