Redheads, the quintessential maverick Aussie, comes of age in South Australia

It has been a remarkable journey for RedHeads Wine. From beginning as an idea to create a wine which represented the Australian character by UK based Laithwaites Wines, RedHeads has now settled into a 500-tonne production facility and cellar door in the Barossa Valley with the potential to expand even further.

Delicious wines and the benefit of hindsight may lead one to conclude this would be a foregone conclusion, but there’s an immense amount of effort, time, and money required to deliver such success.

From 2003 when the idea first emerged, the principle was to combine different varieties of grapes from all over Australia in unexpected blends and see how they turned out. Before long the brand was producing 25,000 cases a year. As not all of this would be made at the one site, production of several of the successful combinations were sub-contracted out to local winemakers.

“For us, RedHeads was a movement – an idea that encompassed what Direct Wines wanted to achieve by selling small batch Australian wines to a global market,” says Iain Muggoch, Laithwaites’ General Manager for Handcrafted Wines.

By 2013, the venture was due for a re-launch and Laithwaites approached the London Office of the Agent General for South Australia and asked if we could help. Our response was – of course, yes! A team was immediately put together to support the project.

After canvassing a number of ideas, including establishing a small winery and cellar door in the Adelaide CBD, it was decided to explore suitable buildings which could be either expanded or modified into a modern, state of the art vinicultural centre. The team immediately realigned the team to undertake property searches in several areas including McLaren Vale and the Barossa to determine what was currently on the market.

By late Summer of 2017 the deal was done and plans were put in place. A number of discussions needed input from our case management team, notably with the power companies as the new site will have full solar power, but work began on site early in 2018 and the new centre in the Barossa Valley was officially opened by the South Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment in February 2019.

All Redheads production is now concentrated under one roof with immediate capacity for up to 500-tonnes of grapes. Expansion in the form of a new cellar door and also potential doubling of capacity are on the horizon and so, with a little help from the Office of the Agent General in London and a lot of guidance from the team in Adelaide, the future looks bright for this maverick winemaker.

If you were interested in exploring opportunities in South Australia, please get in contact with our office.