Entrepreneurs flocking to Adelaide

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Got an idea? Working in tech? Building a start-up? Move to South Australia.

Entrepreneurs are flocking to the state for a culture of innovation, high speed technology infrastructure and enviable lifestyle.

A recent Huffington Post article highlighted Adelaide as “an example of a city that is rapidly transforming into a hot spot for entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.”

US-based business owner Dawna Jarvis lists Mediterranean climate as a “reason to move to Adelaide”, along with world-class universities & research and technology commercialization expertise.

Smart entrepreneurs like Dr Tom Hajdu are starting to head down under to enjoy a culture that is ripe for innovation. Former MTV boss Hajdu said his creativity had stepped up a gear since being in South Australia. “I have the technology and infrastructure of today, but the quality of life is like southern California 50 years ago,” he said.

The South Australian Government recently named Hajdu, a US ‘global innovation specialist, technology entrepreneur and CEO of Disrupter,’ as its first chief advisor on innovation.

South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill, said his appointment follows his key role in helping to establish GigCity Adelaide, which brought super-fast internet to 14 innovation precincts. He said Hajdu had also been instrumental in developing the state’s partnership with US Ignite.

Hajdu states, as a GigCity, Adelaide now had “a seat at the table to participate in global innovation, enabling the city to become a place where start-ups and entrepreneurs can start and develop new ideas and attract clients from all over the world.”

The State Government has appointed EscapeNet to deliver the $7.6 million GigCity Adelaide network. South Australian business EscapeNet, won the contract after an extensive tender and evaluation process which began in December 2016.

EscapeNet will deliver gigabit-speed internet services via the South Australian Broadband Research and Education Network (SABRENet) fibre optic network to key innovation precincts and co-working spaces across Adelaide’s metropolitan area.


Tom Hajdu settles into Adelaide


  • Adelaide is Australia’s only CISCO Lighthouse City and the first in the southern hemisphere, providing local businesses with access to the company’s huge global network.
  • Australia’s first Gig City network providing affordable one gigabit connections, with speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second also available.
  • There are more than 28 co-working spaces in Adelaide, the highest number per capita in the Asia Pacific region. This has grown from just a handful of spaces five years ago.
  • 2,500 ICT students graduate from higher education institutions annually with 638 of those completing higher education degrees.
  • Strength in the emerging cybersecurity field with global companies such as IBM and NEC.
  • World leading creative businesses and talent through companies such as Rising Sun Pictures and KOJO.

South Australia offers a fertile ecosystem for growing creative and technology enterprises within a culture of creativity, connectivity and collaboration.

The technology infrastructure makes our an excellent choice for enterprises such as support services, cyber security and software development and our geographic location enables work to be handed off across time zones.

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