MOD: Putting the Universe in Your Hands

How do you encourage a generation of young South Australians to choose a career in science? Build a Museum of Discovery – to be known as MOD – within the University of South Australia’s new $247 million Health Innovation Building featuring a range of bizarrely exciting exhibits.

The futuristic experience is like no other, it is Australia’s boldest, and South Australia’s only interactive public science and creativity space. A tourist icon aimed to bring together the public, researchers, students and industry to interact, learn and be inspired.

Having only opened this month there are already a range of fascinating exhibits and events lined up. A current exhibition features Australia’s first Science on a Sphere (SOS), a room-sized display that shows planetary data on a sphere surrounded by touchscreens.

Director of MOD. Dr Kristin Alford, says that the arrival of SOS, presents an exciting opportunity for South Australians to experience a sophisticated education resource never accessible in Australia.

“The Science on a sphere is a powerful data visualisation tool that illustrates the complexities of our planet to people of all ages,” Dr Alford says.

“Engaging with SOS is so much more immersive and enriching than watching an ordinary screen,” Dr Alford says.

Other exhibitions that we are eagerly awaiting for include strangely enhanced sculptures of babies, an exhibit exploring the sensation of pain and animatronic teenager. With constantly changing exhibits, they are guaranteed to shock and captivate their young audiences.

The museum presents an ambitious annual program including two seasonal exhibitions as well as talks, workshops and special events. Within the venue there are seven purpose-built gallery areas over two floors, a cafe, shop, and lecture theatre.

Make sure you add this to your must-do list when in Adelaide – stop and take in the wonders of our universe and ignite your passion for STEM!