London network leads to Adelaide collaboration

Cast your mind back to the South Australia Club’s 2017 Annual Dinner. The evening was nothing short of exceptional, as all our Annual Dinners are.

The food was an absolute stand out, just take a mouth-watering look at the gallery. Head Chef from the acclaimed Botanic Gardens restaurant, Paul Baker, flew all the way from Adelaide to compose a menu, bringing together some of South Australia’s finest local produce.

The evening featured some brilliant musicians, including Berlin-based Australian pianist, Chris Lloyd, who has performed around the world and put on a stunning show for our members.

After a few wines post-dinner, Chris and Paul thought it would be a great idea to bring this collaboration in London’s St Lukes, back to Adelaide.

March 14th 2018 will see this conversation come alive! The Botanic Gardens Restaurant is hosting a four-course meal with matching wines…and a matching performance with Chris’ music.

The event is inspired by the cross-disciplinary movement, co-founded by Chris himself, Crossmodalism. The movement is born from the synthesis of art, science and entrepreneurship, based on the collaboration across non-traditionally linked disciplines, ideas and communities.

Crossmodalism was partly inspired by the incredible food culture in South Australia, Chris wanted to incorporate this and other elements to flawlessly work together. The Botanic Gardens Restaurant is a quintessential example of South Australia’s finest, a collaboration through music and wine will prove a fantastic example of the movement.

So make sure you do not miss out. We can speak from experience, the elements go hand in a hand, producing a feast for the senses. You are invited to indulge in this unique event. For more information, head over to the Botanic Gardens Restaurant website.

Make sure you say hello to Chris and Paul from the South Australia Club’s London Chapter! If you would like to learn more about the Club please follow this link.