Let’s meet at the Eros Statue from 12pm?

More than twenty South Australians (with a few honorary South Australians) congregated in London’s Piccadilly Circus on Monday to commemorate the Eros Day tradition.

The 1st of October is marked each year by the Office of the Agent General with a call out to South Australians in London to meet at the Eros Statue.

South Australia’s version of the Eros story began in 1935. Two young medical students from the University of Adelaide knew they would be heading to London in the same month during their time in England. After hearing about the centrally located statue in Piccadilly Circus they agreed it would be a great meeting spot. Without internet, social media and emails the two decided to find each other from 12pm at the Eros Statue.

After a successful catch up, probably including a few warm British ales, the friends agreed to meet at the same time and place the following year. Twelve months later, a few South Australian friends joined them, and the Eros Day tradition grew from there.

In 2018, attendees at the annual event were invited back to the Office of the Agent General where the Eros Group in Adelaide was on the phone to catch up on another year of tradition.

Investment Director, Joe Doleschal-Ridnell welcomed guests to the office, encouraging regular communication with South Australians in London through our website and social media channels.

To top off a great afternoon guests enjoyed iconic South Australian hospitality with famed Vili’s pies, Coopers beers and delicious South Australian wine.

For more images from the day please head over to 2018 Eros Day event page.