Jurlique – a South Australian favourite

Beauty trends are constantly evolving, and South Australian brands are well placed for supplying strong demand for all-natural products.

Last year were the Korean snail slime face masks, an industry now estimated to be worth more than £9.95 billion. More recently we saw Japan come into play with new essences, triple cleansing, and exports tipped to break £2 billion this year. The attention has now turned to Australian beauty products.

The nation’s beauty products channel our association with health and wellbeing, salt-water, plenty of vitamin D and an active lifestyle.

One of our favourite South Australian brands have been on this ‘back to basics’ organic trend since 1985 – Jurlique.

Jurlique is one of the world’s most recognised skincare brands and is renowned for using the best in organic and biodynamic ingredients to deliver quality skin care products. The quintessential Aussie brand was one of the first beauty names to make its packaging using recycled materials, and its 105-acre farm in the Adelaide Hills property has its own solar power system. To add to their sustainability mantra, each year the company holds a tree planning day where each employee plants a native tree on the Jurlique farm.

With the current consumer beauty trend focussing on the all-natural and all-Australian elements, many skincare brands, including Jurlique are drawing attention to using ingredients from the arid outback. Research shows that ingredients able to survive the driest inhabited continent on earth can do great things for skin and hair. The Kakadu plum has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C from any natural source, beneficial for everything from dark spots and acne scarring to brightening and tightening. It’s a key ingredient in Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Essence.

Jurlique is now an Australian natural skin care leader which can be found in over 1200 stores, in over 20 countries, including North America, UK, Europe and Asia.

You can take a tour of the Adelaide Hills farm where many of the herbs, flowers and plants are grown. For further information on Jurlique and the Farm Tour, please click here.

Make sure you head over to Oxford Street to check out Jurlique’s London store!

If you are a South Australian brand looking to break into the UK or European markets, the Office of the Agent General can help. For trade inquiries please contact Ruby Hodges.