Introducing the Limestone Coast

Key industries: Forestry, Aquaculture, Fishing, Horticulture, Tourism, Wine, Animal production, Dairy, Manufacturing

The Limestone Coast is home to some of South Australia’s most spectacular natural wonders and world-famous wagyu beef. The region is located in the south east of South Australia which immediately adjoins the continental coastline and the Victorian boarder. Its geography ranges from sweeping beaches and rugged dunes to fertile farming land and ancient limestone caves.  The combination of a plentiful supply of underground water, reliable rainfall, fertile soil and temperate climate gives the Limestone Coast a strong agriculture base. The region produces nearly one third of the value of south Australia’s agricultural produce from only 2% of its land mass.

The people in the region hail from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, their traditions kept alive and well in communities and clubs. Population centres include the bustling city of Mount Gambier, several major service towns and historical villages such as Naracoorte, Kingston and Robe. Mount Gambier lies halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne and strikes the ideal balance between the vibrant lifestyle of a big city and comforts of a small town, between cultural progress and tradition and between modern convenience and the preservation of natural beauty. The town is a popular tourist destination which is one of the key employment industries along with Agriculture, Mining and Manufacturing. Mount Gambier’s top attractions include the beautiful and aptly named Blue Lake and Umpherston Sinkhole, also known as The Sunken Garden.  Further north lies South Australia’s hidden gem, the Naracoorte Lucindale district. The main town, Naracoorte is home of the World Heritage listed Naracoorte Caves, home to Australia’s most complete marsupial fossil record.

This region is a popular tourism destination, the region’s natural and built environments are inextricably linked to limestone through a serious of ancient coastlines made of the chalky, white stone. Two of the most popular towns are Robe and Kingston, these historic seaside ports have an abundance of attractions which help to make this region boom. Holiday makers flock to soak up the sun on long sandy white beaches and kick back in cosmopolitan cafes and glam galleries.

The Limestone Coast is rich in diversity, with its jaw-dropping natural wonders, lush wine country, sprawling sandy-white beaches and ideal climate it’s no wonder new arrivals are turning their attention to this spectacular region.