CQR Cyber Byte – Incident management

Are you prepared?

South Australia has a strong cyber security industry with experts in the defence, space and consultancy sectors.

We spoke to South Australian company CQR about the importance of managing incidents when businesses are faced with disruption to their services.

Who are CQR?

CQR is a global provider of independent cyber security services that ensures your business, people, information and technology are protected and empowered.

CQR was founded with the mission of ‘Making the World a Safer Place’.

What is incident management?

Incident management is a process that organisations activate when they are faced with a disruption or potential disruption to their services. In some organisations it is aimed at resolving technology incidents but in others, it is also used to coordinate people and processes’ that are critical to the organisation.

What are the benefits of incident management?

Incident management allows your organisation to ensure the right processes and people are in place to enable effective decision making and communicating of information to staff and clients.

By implementing the incident management process, you will ensure that the entire organisation is aligned and prepared for a business disruption allowing you to keep providing services to your customers.

Where to start?

CQR can assist you with Incident management as part of our service portfolio, alternatively you can sign up to our Incident management workshop at being held at the Australia High Commission and run by our security specialists here: