HOT 100 Wines: Celebrating the best of South Australia

Introducing a guest blog from the Adelaide Review – responsible for the delicious wine served at the South Australia Club annual dinner. 

We do things a little differently at Hot 100. We’re ostensibly a wine show but we also host events around the world, publish an annual magazine and music plays a big part in what we do.

Our mantra almost says it all, ‘Our goal is simple: to find and celebrate the most drinkable wines in South Australia.’ Yes, we discover South Australia’s best wines to drink straight away but we also champion the best of South Australia through our annual wine show, surrounding events and sought-after publication. It’s about capturing the cultural terroir of the state.

By doing this – championing South Australia’s gastronomic and artistic culture, we’ve evolved into Australia’s most progressive wine show. And it’s all about drinkability. Discovering wines that can be enjoyed straight away by anyone – no cellaring or a passing the Master Sommelier examination required to appreciate the wines we champion – just open and enjoy with friends and/or loved ones

So how do we find the state’s most drinkable wines? Again, the Hot 100 does things a little differently. The wines aren’t judged in a sterile environment. Judges don’t wear white lab coats. There might even be music playing. The judging environment tries to reflect the atmosphere where people enjoy wine in the real world: at home with friends, in a cosy wine bar or at a nice dinner.

The make-up of judges reflects this world as well. Joining the professional judges, winemakers and wine writers on the panel are chefs, restaurateurs, sake masters and even chocolatiers: A mix of gastronomic experts with expert palates.

To discover the best wines of South Australia, the judges get to experience the best of South Australia. The judges – many of whom are from other states in Australia or even overseas – are immersed in South Australian culture during their four-day stay, as their tastings are bookended with activities. They eat and drink at South Australia’s best restaurants and bars, visit cultural institutions and soak up the vibrancy of the city. Music plays a crucial part, too. A music ambassador performs, composes or collates local music to be played during tastings and at the events every year.

For more than a decade we’ve been at the forefront of reflecting how people enjoy wine in the real world.

This is what makes Hot 100 a little different. This is what makes Hot 100 a little special.