DRIVERLESS car firm RDM Group to set up new HQ in Adelaide

ONE of the UK’s leading forces in autonomous vehicles, RDM Group, has invested in its first international facility, in a bid to tap into the billion dollar market.

RDM Group announced it will open a technical office at Flinders University in Adelaide – responsible for purchasing, sales and technology support – as part of the firm’s expansion into Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

The company has appointed Roger van der Lee as Autonomous Programme Director.

Mr van der Lee will be responsible for overseeing the set-up, developing a supply chain and exploring possible contracts with government, education and the private sector.

“There is massive demand for creating autonomous mobility solutions in Australia and we want to make sure our technology is at the forefront of any new developments,” said RDM Group CEO David Keene.

“Our ‘Pod Zero’ vehicle has been generating a lot of interest ‘down under’ and we have been in discussions with a number of end users that are willing to take part in trials to prove that it is an excellent ‘first and last mile’ transport solution,” he said.

“With this in mind, we feel the opportunity deserves a local presence and we are delighted to have taken a technical office at Flinders University, opposite the world-class Tonsley Innovation District.”

Mr Keene said the company’s expansion would give RDM Group a base to develop an Australian supply chain and to explore new opportunities.

“The longer-term plan is to create a bespoke assembly facility in Adelaide that will supply vehicles direct to customers across the Asia-Pacific region,” he said.

As part of its international expansion, RDM Group has lodged an application to the South Australian Government’s A$10 million Future Mobility Lab Fund, designed to bolster autonomous and connect vehicle technology.

Australian Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan MP met with RDM in London last year to explain the strong position South Australia has to offer this new industry.

“The company’s decision to open its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Adelaide is a resounding show of support for the South Australia and the state government’s efforts to stimulate this growing sector – a sector which is expected to be worth $90 billion globally by 2020.”

“South Australia is open for business.

“The overwhelming interest shown in the state government’s Future Mobility Fund is an indication that we are in unique position to leverage the potential of this burgeoning industry,” Minister Mullighan said.