Detpak set to Cut the Rubbish

Alright, let’s cut the rubbish. Do you know what happens when you recycle your takeaway coffee cup? In the UK, less than 1% of cups actually get recycled. The is due to the plastic lining in traditional paper cups which aren’t easily recyclable, resulting in the cups being diverted to landfill. Disheartened? South Australia has a solution.

Meet Detpak, the South Australian company set to shake up the recycling takeaway coffee system in the UK with their new innovative RecycleMe™ takeaway coffee cup.

Pioneering a next generation cup lining, and a specially designed collection network, the RecycleMe™ system by Detpak is guaranteeing that cups collected will be diverted from landfill and recycled into high quality paper products.

Headquartered in Adelaide, Detpak have launched the RecycleMe™ coffee cup to great success in Australia and New Zealand. They are now partnering with Shredall Recycling to collect, sort and recycle the cups in the UK.

With well-known specialty coffee houses like Taylor St Baristas, Caravan, Prufrock and Colonna & Smalls already stocking the RecycleMe™ cups, the South Australian company are filling a much-needed gap for the environmentally conscious in the UK market.

South Australia has become a hotspot for innovative companies tackling big issues with its competitive business environment and Government initiatives, setting the scene for companies like Detpak to thrive.

The full cycle system is already gaining momentum in the UK with the official launch of the RecycleMe™ cup at a Latte Art Smackdown with London baristas, supported by Australia’s Taylor St Baristas and McLaren Vale’s Alpha Box and Dice winery.

Next time you get your takeaway coffee, check the bottom for the RecycleMe™ stamp and CUT THE RUBBISH.