CQR Cyber Byte – Phishing attacks

In an ever-changing digital world, the constant threat against personal and business information is a real concern. From a seemingly small email scam, to a large-scale data hack, cyber security should be a priority for responsible organisations.

South Australia has a strong cyber security industry with experts in the defence, space and consultancy sectors.

We spoke to South Australian company CQR about a common cyber attacked called phishing, and how to avoid these seemingly simple attacks with devastating consequences.

Who are CQR?

CQR is a global provider of independent cyber security services that ensures your business, people, information and technology are protected and empowered.

CQR was founded with the mission of ‘Making the World a Safer Place’.

What is a phishing attack?

Phishing attacks are becoming a large-scale issue for businesses today, attacks on corporate email systems are the most common cause of fraud and data loss.

What is the effect of a phishing attack?

An employee falling victim to a phishing attack can be detrimental to businesses and pose a high risk to the information it holds. Implications could be financial loss, reputational damage or software infection.

Are all phishing attacks the same?

No, not all phishing attacks are the same but there are three main types of phishing attacks hackers like to use, these are: Phishing emails, Credential stuffing, Password Spraying.

How can phishing attacks be prevented?

Although it is difficult to prevent a phishing attack there are controls that businesses can out in place to avoid becoming a victim of an attack. Such as: Enabling multi factor authentication (MFA), the use of strong/good passwords and staff awareness.

Where to start?

Your business needs to ensure that they’re stimulating regular phishing attacks and educating staff across the organisation. CQR can assist you with phishing and cyber security awareness as part of our service portfolio.

If you have any questions about cyber security, get in contact with the team here:


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