CHEERS to South Australia’s fine wine exports

South Australia’s thriving wine sector has delivered its best export earnings in a decade as our growing international reputation as a top producer reaches new heights.

Wine exports in South Australia have earned AUD $1.56 billion in 2017, the best global market results in 10 years! This figure is more than three times the next highest state, New South Wales, with $472 million followed by Victoria at AUD $460 million. The results were published in Wine Australia’s quarterly National Export Report, which was released in January 2018.

Chief Executive of the South Australian Wine Industry Association, Brian Smedley said, “All the indicators are encouraging, and there’s a great positivity about our wines.”

The volume of South Australian wine consumed overseas has increased by 6% while their value has risen by 19%, meaning producers are getting more for their wines.

South Australia is currently responsible for 61% of Australia’s total wine exports, an excellent selling point for attracting trade in the international market. The capital city, Adelaide, is part of the exclusive Great Wine Capitals global network alongside fellow renowned wine regions like Bordeaux, Rioja, Rheinhessen and Porto.*

Australian growth rates were especially strong in the ‘super premium wine’ sector with South Australian high-end brands dominating the figures. Considering 80% of Australia’s premium wine is produced in our world-class wine regions – from some of the oldest vines in the world – this comes as no surprise.

And just like a fine drop of vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, South Australia has matured into the elite world of all things wine with record figures to show.

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*Wine Australia Export Report, January 2018.