Bushfires in South Australia – How can you help?

We’re devastated by the recent fires that have torn through the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

On Kangaroo Island, about 170,000 hectares — or a third of the 4,400-square-kilometre island — has burnt so far. While the Cuddle Creek fire in the Adelaide Hills saw the loss of 1100 hectares of vineyards destroyed or damaged, equal to about one-third of the area’s grape production.

Our sincere thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones, their livelihoods, homes, livestock, businesses and properties. The tragic loss of wildlife, habitats and the impact on our national parks is significant.


The most effective and productive way to help right now is through donations. People need financial assistance to buy generators for power, food for their livestock, water, petrol and other necessities to help them rebuild one day at a time.

The list below has been complied by our friends at the South Australian Tourism Commission.

The State Emergency Relief Fund (SERF)

The State Emergency Relief Fund (SERF) has been activated for the Cudlee Creek fire. An independent committee is responsible for the fair distribution of 100% of the funds to those most in need. See below the ways you can donate to the SERF:

  • Electronic funds transfer to the State Emergency Relief Fund, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, BSB 065 266, Account 10020160, Description must state ‘donation’
  • Credit card – visit the State Emergency Relief Fund BPoint payment website at or dial 1300 276 468 (1300 BPOINT) and enter biller code 1002359
  • Cheque – send to State Emergency Relief Fund, Donations, QA Finance, GPO Box 292, Adelaide SA 5001

For more information about SERF in emergencies click here.

The Kangaroo Island Mayoral Bushfire Appeal Fund

The money raised through the Kangaroo Island Mayoral Bushfire appeal will go directly into the hands of islanders that need it most. This will help those directly impacted by the devastation caused by the fires and will help them face each new day with financial assistance to rebuild their lives, homes and businesses. This is the official donation appeal for Kangaroo Island.

  • BSB: 105 094 // Account Number: 035 680 540 //Account Name: Mayoral Bushfire fund
  • For international deposits, enter Swift Code: SGBLAU2S

Alternatively, for international donations, you can donate to the GoFundMe page.

For more information on this fund, please click here.

Hanson Bay Wildlife and Koala Sanctuary

Kangaroo Island’s beloved Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary was sadly decimated by the bushfires. The 5,000 acre property was home to thousands of native species including the incredible population of koalas that were free to roam wild on the property. The Koala Walk alone which was 200 metres long was home to 100 koalas including newborn joeys. Their home, habitat and all their infrastructure has gone so their Go Fund Me page has been set up to help rebuild and regenerate the land so when the koalas that are being cared for at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park (see below) are ready to be released into the wild, they have a home to return to.

Donate to the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Fund here.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park Fund

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park fund has been set up to care for the significant number of koalas and other native species that have been injured in the Kangaroo Island fires. The park has been treating new koalas as they come in each day with pain relief, antibiotics as well as building new infrastructure to provide a new home for the wild animals as they are rehabilitated before they can be released back into the wild.

Donate to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Fund here.

The CFS Foundation

The Country Fire Service (CFS) is made up of volunteer firefighters who risk their lives and serve tirelessly to protect our homes, towns, environment, animals and businesses. Many of them have lost their own homes and leave loved ones behind to protect our community, so digging deep for our volunteer firefighters is how best we can say thank you. The CFS Foundation provides financial assistance to CFS volunteer firefighters and their families who have suffered through death, injury, loss or damage of property while in the line of service.

To donate to the CFS Foundation, click here.

Donating Goods

The CFS and the Kangaroo Island Stall are now respectfully declining the donations of clothes and goods due to logistical operations. It helps to donate funds so the communities can use this money at the shops within the affected community area to pump money back into the local economy. This gives each person the choice to buy what they really need such as much-needed UHF two-way radios for the locals when fighting fires. This is the only form of communication and they help save lives.

Australia Wide

This summer, the bush fires across Australia have been catastrophic. Our neighbours across state borders are also in need, so please consider donating to the national fundraisers to help Australia recover and rebuild.


We thank all those for their generosity in this challenging time. South Australia is still ‘open for business’ and our friends back home look forward to welcoming you to our incredible state.

Image 1: Adelaide wildlife rescuer Simon Adamczyk carries a koala out of burnt ground. Picture: AAP / David Mariuz

Image 2: A firefighter hosing down trees and flying embers in an effort to secure nearby houses from bushfires. Photo: Saeed Khan/AFP via Getty Images