BREWDOG sparks ‘diplomatic incident’ with Government of South Australia

South Australians take their craft beer very seriously.

On any given day, there are about 400 South Australian beers to choose from in bottle shops and pubs.

The craft brewing sector in South Australia is well established with over 50 craft brewers operating and many new licences being awarded under the ‘small venues licence’ to bars, restaurants and venues that promote the craft beer mantra. These bars provide a vehicle for the craft brewer to distribute their products to an educated clientele that know and respect the qualities of the craft.

Aside from good employment prospects for rapidly technical homebrewers, South Australia has a fair slice of the AUD$454m national beer industry, as recorded by IBIS last year. Yet, still, just 3 per cent of sales reflect craft beer so there’s plenty of room for expansion and diversity.

So the Office of Agent General has put the hard word to craft beer legends BrewDog.

“You can’t afford to dither between no deals and bad deals. You need good deals. And Adelaide’s prepared to offer you one. Let’s make it happen.” Bill Muirhead AM.

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And this is what happened………

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