BMT joins Adelaide’s naval shipbuilding enterprise

The Australian government has committed $200 billion to the largest peacetime acquisition program in its history. With this comes the opportunities for company growth and BMT – a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy – is looking to do just that.

Earlier this year BMT launched an office in Adelaide to immerse their business in the defence state. The company is playing its part in reinforcing Australia’s position as a regional hub for defence and building Australia’s investment across the sector.

This significant undertaking will not only give Australia world leading national security equipment but is also designed to give the country further sovereignty with the ability to design, manufacture, sustain and export defence products using their own infrastructure and skilled workers.

Like their fellow British associates BAE, BMT has had a successful long-term presence in Australia.  In the last 10 years, the company has established a strong local operation headed up by former SAAB executive and Royal Australian Navy Officer Peter Behrendt.

“Like many countries, Australia is working hard to equip itself with tools to make itself autonomous force in defence industry,” Mr Behrendt said.

“The Federal Government here has implemented a number of policy measures to develop the sector.  This has included the implementation of a continuous shipbuilding program, a focus on encouraging Australian defence exports and significant investments in education and training for the local workforce,” he said.

Australia’s current naval programs, Future Frigate’s with Britain’s BAE, Offshore Patrol Vessels with Germany’s Lürssen and Future Submarines with France’s Naval Group all involve close collaboration with European partners. These partners are working to give the Australian defence industry their expertise, employing and training the local market where possible.

BMT, forming part of the supply chain for such programs is uniquely placed to provide such expertise. Mr Behrendt said: “We have dramatically increased the size of our Australian team to help the country deliver on the naval shipbuilding plan.”

“I think any defence company that wants to do business here has to be cognisant of the fact that we need both a world class product and an unshakeable commitment to help the country develop the local industry.

“Australia represents an incredible opportunity for any company who can meet these two requirements,” he said.

For further information on opportunities for UK and European companies in South Australia please contact Trade & Investment Director, John Rees. You can also view the defence section on our website.