Bill wakes up with Today

Just like New York, New York, what about renaming South Australia to Adelaide, Adelaide?

This was just one of the ideas Agent General, Bill Muirhead brought to the stage during a presentation he gave in Adelaide to provoke conversation about the identity of our State.

The controversial idea has ignited a passionate response, catching the attention of Australian media. While the idea may seem bizarre, a thought-provoking discussion has begun around how South Australia’s enviable lifestyle and attractions can be better understood overseas.

“What I love is this debate we are having, I’m a salesman for South Australia.”

In an appearance on Channel Nine’s Today Show Bill went live in an interview with Karl Stefanovic and Deb Knight to engage their 250,000 regular viewers with the suggestion.

The proposal stemmed from confusion faced working and living in the UK, when the abbreviation ‘SA’ for South Australia is used. Outside of Australia this is known as South Africa, possibly even Saudi Arabia or South America. For those unsure, try typing ‘SA’ into Google, the first thing that appears is South Africa’s country profile on the right-hand side. A sure miss for attracting prospective tourists and investors to South Australia.

Another reason is the assumption that South Australia falls somewhere between Sydney and Hobart, or everything from the “middle of the country down.” The “middle bottom” just doesn’t have a good ring to it! It has also been referred to as Southern Australia on numerous occasions, merging with Victoria and parts of Western Australia.

“A lot of people over here think there is a line through the middle of our country, and we are the line underneath.”

The state has an array of stunning regions. Adelaide, Adelaide is meant to work like New York, New York with Adelaide being the gateway to all the State’s offerings such as Kangaroo Island, the Barossa Valley and the Limestone Coast.

“The idea is to create a debate, and I think Adelaide is a brilliant name and it’s a beautiful place.”

So, what do you think about Adelaide, Adelaide?

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