BEHIND the Streets of Adelaide

Did you know that there is British socio-economic history running down every street in Adelaide?

The author of three-volume hardcover, Behind the Streets of Adelaide, Dr Jeff Nicholas, considers himself to be a quintessential South Australian.

It was Dr Nicholas’s love for South Australia and an exciting discovery of a previously unforeseen link between Adelaide and the Reform Club in London that conjured up the need to tell this story. The book took some fifteen years to complete and provides an excellent historical background into Adelaide’s grid-style streetscape.

The principal streets and squares in the city were named on one afternoon in May 1837 by a twelve-member Committee in Adelaide. Several of these members were on the inaugural committee of London’s Reform Club, including the familiar names of Sir William Molesworth, George Grote and Sir Henry George Ward. The members were instrumental in establishing the Reform Club in 1836, and now appear on street signs throughout the city.

The Club is no longer associated with any political party, and now serves a purely social function. Today’s reformers are men and women drawn from many backgrounds and a wide field of professional life.

The link between the Reform Club (London) and Adelaide is celebrated each year by the Britain-Australia Society in London through events with their respective members.

Readers are introduced to the 62 men and women who are named in the streets of the city of Adelaide. Their individual stories are told, highlighting their footprint in British history.

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