Adelaide-Made Podcasting Success

Adelaide’s tech and creative industries are making their mark on a global scale. From producers to game designers, fashion directors and photographers, South Australia is home to some of the world’s best.

The current buzz around Pocket Casts, produced by Adelaide-based app developers Philip Simpson and Russell Ivanovic from Shifty Jelly is no exception.

Shifty Jelly was founded after the duo launched an Australian weather app, Pocket Weather Australia. They used data available from the Bureau of Meteorology, built a visually engaging app and priced it at $2.99. One day after releasing it onto Apple’s App Store, it jumped to the top of the Apple’s app charts and stayed there for an impressive three weeks.

After great success for their first app the team were well and truly established to work on new projects choosing to shift their focus to the underserved podcasting market in 2010.

They came up with Pocket Casts, a premium podcast platform targeting advanced podcast listeners. It allows users to access and manage more than 300,000 podcasts on Android, iOS and web devices.

As one of the first of its kind, Pocket Casts has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in Google’s Play Store. It was also recognised by the internet giant at the annual San Francisco developers conference.

Earlier this year the popular app was snapped up by four of the biggest radio and podcast creators in the United States, WNYC, WBEZ Chicago, NPR and This American Life. Despite the substantial international investment they have chosen to remain working from their office based out of Ebenezer Place in Adelaide’s East End.

Their decision to remain in Adelaide is another example of the State’s attractive pull for the creative and tech industries.

To find out more information and download their app click here.

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