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Size does matter. Our culture of creativity, connectivity and collaboration is testimony to that.

Adelaide is the most advanced environment for start-ups in Australia and is ideally located to service the growing technology markets of South East Asia, China, India and Japan.

In 2015, international tech company CISCO named Adelaide its first smart + connected ‘Lighthouse City’ in Australia (one of nine in the world and the first in the southern hemisphere). Local businesses have access to the company’s huge global network and framework to test the Internet of Things (IoT).

Adelaide is also the first and only GigCity in Australia, providing our innovation hubs with internet speeds of up to 10-gigabits-per-second (100x the national average).

Our local talent pool, global networks and technology infrastructure makes our state a great choice for enterprises such as support services, cyber security and software development and our geographic location enables work to be handed off across time zones.

In South Australia, you’ll find:

  • 28 co-working spaces, the highest per capital in the Asia Pacific region
  • 15 incubator programs
  • 2,500 ICT students graduating per year, with 638 completing higher education degrees
  • A$106 million in tax incentives for “angel” investors who provide early venture seed funding
  • Australia’s first innovation district Tonsley – where new products are created and commercialised through collaborations between industry and academia
  • TechinSA – funding for start-ups to commercialise their ideas up to A$500,000
  • the home of Australia’s simulation and modelling industry (and Simulation Australasia), including product lifecycle management (PLM)
  • world-leading creative businesses and talent through companies such as Rising Sun Pictures and KOJO
  • a strong emerging cybersecurity field with global companies such as IBM and NEC investing in the state.

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