Health & Medical Industries

Adelaide is the ideal location for life sciences research and investment.

The South Australian Government is targeting health industry investment, focusing on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical trials, nutraceuticals and digital healthcare.

At the centrepiece, is Adelaide BioMed City – one of the largest life sciences clusters in the southern hemisphere – bringing together institutions right across the value chain.

With 43.5% cash back incentives for eligible companies undertaking research and development in Australia, Adelaide BioMed City has become the ideal location for clinical trials, analytics and study drug manufacturing.

Just 15 minutes out of the city, Tonsley Innovation District combines university-led research and development with vocational training and advanced manufacturing facilities for companies seeking to produce biomedical devices and other high-tech products and services.

In South Australia, you will find:

  • Adelaide BioMed City – home to the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and Australia’s first proton therapy treatment centre (due to open in 2020)
  • the new Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • access to world-class researchers, educators and universities collaborating with industry
  • Health and Medical Industries, a dedicated point of contact for companies looking to invest in health industries in Adelaide
  • access to Asia-Pacific markets, with the advantages of carrying the ‘Made in Australia’ brand
  • decades of experience in automotive manufacturing being applied to medical device manufacturing, with highly-skilled workers and solid supply chains.


Health and Medical Industries
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