Manufacturing has long been a key foundation of South Australia’s economy.

With a deep, technical skills base developed from the automotive and defence sectors, the industry provides a solid platform for new and existing manufacturers to grow and invest.

As a result, South Australia is developing and producing goods as diverse as water recycling equipment, premium wine, warships and submarines, agricultural equipment and health and medical devices.

Technology is playing a central role in the competitiveness of South Australia’s advanced manufacturing industry, supporting innovation, driving product and service development and improving performance.

For manufacturing companies, South Australia provides access to a local research and development sector with strengths in emerging technologies such as photonics, nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, advanced materials and robotics.

Adelaide is the confirmed build location for the Federal Government’s A$50 billion Future Submarine program – the largest defence manufacturing procurement in the nation’s history.

In South Australia, you’ll find:

  • advanced supply chains developed over 100 years of manufacturing history
  • a skilled and affordable workforce
  • 25% of Australia’s specialist defence businesses and the largest share of the nation’s defence spend
  • the most progressive autonomous vehicle legislation in the southern hemisphere creating significant opportunities for the autonomous vehicle supply chain
  • A$253 million State Government investment in Australia’s first innovation district, Tonsley
  • affordable skilled labour costs compared with other capitals
  • a critical mass of aerospace companies with strengths in engineering, test and evaluation, systems integration and throughlife-support
  • a vibrant food and beverage processing and packaging industry
  • leading levels on investment in renewable energy sources and low carbon initiatives.

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