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8Australia is a global leader in financial governance. We have one of the most stable, well-regulated and transparent business environments in the world.

Our nation’s AAA credit rating, political stability and regulatory framework provides investors with confidence and security.

In South Australia – we’re geared to give you a better return on your investment.

Adelaide is a highly profitable location for financial and business service operations thanks to our highly-skilled labour pool, lower wage costs and competitive office prices, compared to other Australian cities.

South Australia has proven expertise across a number of financial services, including banking and deposit-taking entities, funds management, insurance and general financial management.

In South Australia, you’ll find:

  • access to talent – 20,000 already employed in the financial and business services sector
  • 96,000 students (including 23,000 international students) enrolled at universities and higher education institutions ranked in the top 1% and 2% in the world
  • skilled labour at competitive rates -17% less than Sydney Source: ABS 6302.0 Average Weekly Earnings, May 2016
  • savings of up to 60% in office spaces compared to other capitals Source: CBRE Research June 2016 Global Prime Office Occupancy Costs
  • one of the lowest taxing states with A$670m reduction over next 4 years and the removal of stamp duty
  • a national financial system underpinned by a comprehensive national superannuation scheme and world’s best practice regulation
  • superannuation funds are part of a national pool of funds valued in excess of AUD2.3 trillion* of managed funds Source: Investment Company Institute, Worldwide Mutual Fund Assets and Flows Q3 2016. *USS1.7 trillion under management converted at an exchange rate of 1 AUD = 0.72 USD

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  • John Rees
    Trade and Investment Director
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John Rees
Trade and Investment Director
+44 (0) 207 520 9102