28 January 2020

DOWIE DOOLE Wine Tasting

As part of The South Australia Wine Club, the Office of the Agent General will be hosting a very special tasting with DOWIE DOOLE WINES.

At the tasting, guests will have the opportunity to sample the DOWIE DOOLE UK range and learn more about the brand.

For further information contact Gemma Kilby.


Born in the 1990s through Drew Dowie and Norm Doole’s frustration at having to send their fruit to other wineries to vinify, Dowie Doole came to set a precedent for McLaren Vale.

The winery’s range is an exploration of this region’s terroirs and the many varieties that generations of grape growers have brought with them from Europe.

A great marriage of tradition, innovation and a little rebel spirit can be found in all their cuvées. From complex Shiraz, spicy Grenache and Tempranillo blend, to elegant Chenin Blanc, their range is one of the most interesting and contemporary in the region.

In 2015 Chris Thomas, along with other investors, bought the DOWIE DOOLE wine label and took on the role of Managing Director in addition to Chief Winemaker.

Dowie Doole wines capture the essence of the vineyards in which they were grown and the vintage in which they have been produced – and in the case of the single vineyard wines – an expression of each vineyards individuality.

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