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The inaugural South Australia Club was launched in London in 2011 with the simple objective of bringing together people with an interest in the future development of South Australia.

Today the club has seven chapters including Mumbai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore and Adelaide.

Our members come from the diverse worlds of business, politics, academia, media and the arts. What our members share in common is the mutual understanding and belief that South Australia is a place of unlimited potential.

Each chapter of the Club has 36 founding members, in recognition of the states origins and proclamation in 1836.

“The South Australia Club is unequivocally the most valuable networking tool I have found in London.
I owe Bill and James a debt of gratitude as my career has benefited substantially from their efforts.
If that hasn’t sold it, their events have bloody good wine and food.” – Sam Power, Racing car driver and member of the South Australia Club, London Chapter.

If you would like to join the South Australia Club’s London Chapter please contact Annabel Borchardt on or call our office on 020 7520 9100.

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